By: ilovethatsam

Dec 02 2012

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Category: Flowers and Nature

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K-x

Some time ago, this past summer, I had brought my friend Barb to one of my favorite spots, Topsmead State Park. I had brought her to the areas in which I was familiar, where we had great success photographing the images that spoke to each of us.

We then, as we walked the trails, met a nice gentleman that had suggested that we go to the other side to photograph more birds and the such. I didn’t even know said other side even existed. I was overly excited to venture there.

Up and over the bend, Barb and I had discovered a whole new world of photo opportunities. I became instantly attracted to the Bluebird house and its tenant (future blog post), while she wandered around the area to find what appealed to her. We stayed for quite a while making ourselves familiar with this new location.

When we finally decided to depart, we were intrigued by the pathway that seemed to lead us around and out of the park itself. Lined with many trees of different varieties, our eyes quickly scanned the areas surrounding us. To our surprise and amusement, we came across yet another pathway to our left. Of course, our curiosities had taken over and we happily followed its route. It was a beautiful grass pathway with taller grass on either side of us. The occasional little yellow and pink wild flowers would pop with color, forcing us to take notice of them.

The prominent owner of our attention, however, were the giant-sized Dandelion seed pods that were dominant to everything around them. These were the largest ones we had ever seen. We were in awe over their majestic appearances. Even more attention-grabbing and beautiful than the flowers, these pods stood tall and begged to be photographed.