By: ilovethatsam

Jul 12 2011

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Category: Animals and Insects

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K-x

While down in Waterford, CT with my friend Mary visiting our mutual friend Jamey, we wandered the grounds for a while before our scheduled show was to begin. Making my way through an open building to its backside, I discovered the deck that overlooked the mass lawn and the not too far off ocean.

Not wanting to disappear on Mary, I waited on the deck for her to find me. While admiring all that this platform had to offer in each direction, my eyes were suddenly drawn to the corner flooring.

I stepped closer and eventually stood right over this intricately gorgeous insect. Without even the slightest movement from it, I thought I was about to capture the dead. And not wanting to disturb it if it were alive, I just left it alone.


One comment on “Dobsonfly”

  1. isn’t nature just amazing. at afar it is just a bug, but look closer and see it’s beauty.

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