A Bit Of Life Remains

While spending a day trip with my two best friends up north, we decided that one of our stops would be the incredible www.magicwings.com.

Amazed with the surroundings of hundreds of beautiful flying pieces of art, I was stopped in my tracks upon discovering this poor scared creature struggling on the floors surface. It was flopping around, making itself quite obvious that it was suffering. I immediately spoke to one of the many employees in the haven, explaining that I believed that there is a downed insect.

At the area in which it was facing its demise, the young girl very gently picked it up by its wings while telling me that she was grateful that I had come to her. She had said that they were aware of it being there, but wasn’t exact with its current status.

She then proceeded to explain that it would unfortunately not make it through the day. Again thanking me for not hurting it any further and taking the correct measures to avoid any other potential damage to ensue more pain, she at that moment knew that I had sincerely cared for this crippled insect.


One comment on “A Bit Of Life Remains”

  1. what a gentle and loving end to its life with your compassion for that little creature.

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