Mystery Moth

By: ilovethatsam

Jul 25 2011

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Category: Animals and Insects, Flowers and Nature

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K-x

I was walking along the side of some tall grass and petite flowers when I suddenly saw a tiny flash of bright and vibrant orange. I tried desperately to follow it with my eyes, but became aware of the bees that were interrupting my sight’s path. So, I backed off.

Soon after, I came upon the same area after taking a walk to dismiss myself from the pesky buzzing bees. To my delightful surprise, Orange was still fluttering about and in a more friendly and open area.

Having to manipulate myself in a way that I probably will never again be able to repeat, I focused on this tiny pinkynail-sized insect.

Anxious to find out what such a micro-sized and gorgeously bright insect this was, I am surprised that the only result I was able to find was a moth by the name of Dark Bordered Beauty. I was happy with that since the reasearch photos I had gone through looked pretty exact to what I had shot. My only problem, however, is that the reasearch I had spent so much time on had also informed me that this insect hails in England and Scotland.

So, my request is this now. If you know what this beautiful creature in fact is, will you please tell me. Otherwise, I’m pretty content knowing that I have shot a European moth right here in my own state of CT, USA…!


One comment on “Mystery Moth”

  1. Wow what a little beauty. It is as if those buzzing bees knew the value of this tiny creature and they were just protecting it. They must have sensed no danger from you nor your camera..

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