Bird Of Prey’s Next Top Model

By: ilovethatsam

Jul 30 2011

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Category: Animals and Insects


Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K-x

Absolutely astonished that this particular bird did not spook easily and fly away with the rest of the group, I became even more shocked when it allowed me to walk up to it and shoot it at a very close distance of no farther away than 6 feet.

He watched me closely and never at any moment seemed frightened of me, nor did it ever threaten me to back away.

I now wonder if it was because I, myself, have no fear of these beautiful creatures and it somehow had sensed that. I’m sure that at any given moment it could have come at me with its incredibly long and sharp talons, and/or ripped me open with its dangerous and strong beak. But it didn’t.

Instead, it warmed my heart and gave me a shot that I have been wanting for a long time.


6 comments on “Bird Of Prey’s Next Top Model”

  1. love the coloring on the feathers!

  2. As you know, when I lived in Ga these turkey vultures were an every day life for most residents.They are scavengers and are not aggressive towards living things.This guy must have been the leader of the pack and not showing any fear.Wise beyond his years,teaching the newbys.

  3. He seems to be as curious about you as you are of him. He won’t win any beauty contest but he stands proud. nice shot.

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