My Return

By: ilovethatsam

Aug 21 2011

Category: Random

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So, after two weeks of suffering without the internet, I have finally gotten back online. It was torture, believe me!

First, I had to settle in to the temporary apartment (the best I can). Then, realizing that the spot in which I had set up my desk WITH the computer and all its attachments didn’t have a phone jack; I had to rearrange what I thought was already done.

Only a few days ago, I managed to find the time to go to my local cable company to ask for the internet to be added to my cable account. That night, with my new modem and “self-installment kit”, I was gung-ho at finally being a part of the cyber world once again. BUT NOOOO, it didn’t work out quite the way I had planned it. No internet for me. There was a connection problem that I just couldn’t understand.

With that said, I spent an hour on the phone yesterday morning with the very awesome cable/internet representative from my cable company. After all the time spent turning on and off the modem and computer, unplugging and plugging in cables, and going into the depths of the computer’s programs; he had concluded that the problem was actually on my end opposed to it being the modem or cable that they had supplied.

I quickly, after hanging up my connection with him, called my father to “make an appointment” with him to fix what I thought was a major problem inside my desktop. To my joy, my Dad was able to diagnose the problem right over the phone, and within only a few minutes of time; I was happily all over the internet like a child rips through their first birthday’s cake.

So, there it is. Now that I am back here again with you all, I am dying to get back out into nature with my camera and shoot. And then, of course, present them to you.

Thank you all for your patience, and thank you all for staying here with me through this.



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