The Beginning Of My Backyard Birdwatching

Hello loves!

So, I have always adored birds. I now, though, have an admiration for them that I never really noticed before. Seeing them through my camera lens, my love for them has grown to a respect, an amazement, an amusement, as well as an incredible patience to sit long enough for my camera eye to take a shot.

I recently purchased a bird feeding “station”. As of this morning, it is finally in its resting place; for the prior three locations were not proving very bird-friendly. After only about 15 minutes, my feathered friends arrived.

Throughout the day I have been spying on the results by peeking through my windows. At one point, I ventured into the cold air to sit with them. My first non-shy customers were a pair of Black-capped Chickadees. I sat on the lower set of steps leading to the lower level of the deck. To my surprise, the birds started coming around, even with me being as close as I was. Unfortunately though, I started getting too cold to continue my photo shoot.

I did, however, not want to give up until I got a shot that I would deem acceptable for My Camera And Eye. I hope you enjoy this shot as much as I do, and my return!


2 comments on “The Beginning Of My Backyard Birdwatching”

  1. I like the bird and can’t wait to see what comes next

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