By: ilovethatsam

Nov 26 2012

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Category: Reflections


Focal Length:180mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K-x

Some time ago, this past summer, my friend Barb and I had gone “hiking” through this trail area around one of the local lakes here in town. It had turned out to be quite an interesting walk. It wasn’t a very easy one, for the pathway proved to be very uneven with its areas of rockway paths, raised tree roots, and the occasional muddiness. However, we did also encounter many beautiful areas to stop and relax, as well as the quick photo opportunity pause.

Approaching an opening near the water’s side, both Barb and I had stopped to shoot the different things that had appealed to our eyes. If I remember correctly, she was attracted to a herd of water beetles, while I was instantly drawn to the reflection I saw on the other side of the waterway.


2 comments on “Nutshell”

  1. I absolutely love love this one… haven’t lost your eye Janet…

  2. I’m thankful for that comment, I was starting to wonder!

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