Naturally Ornamental

By: ilovethatsam

Nov 30 2012

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Category: Trees


Last winter my sister and I had decided to go for a nice nature walk with my nephew and her two dogs. We had strolled along the “River Walk” that runs parallel to the river that runs through her town.

It was a very beautiful brisk day. The air was crisp and just a bit chilly, making for a perfect photography day. Her and Brendon showed me sites that I have never been to before. We climbed down one of the banks of the river, enjoying the water’s edge. We stopped underneath a bridge structure, for I found the geometric shapes of the ceiling I was under quite amazing.

My favorite stop, however, was when we came across a species of tree that i have never seen before. Well, after much research, it turns out that I just have never seen it in this time of year. I came across a Sycamore tree, aka: “American Pinetree”, “Buttonball Tree”, “Buttonwood Tree”, “Lollipop Tree”, just to name a few. What had attracted me to it was the seed pods, which only become prevalent in the winter; since the tree leaves have gone and the pods really stand out against the vast sky behind it.

I told my sister that it reminded me of X-Mas ornaments hanging on an outside tree, as the neighborhoods do when they decorate their lawns for the holiday season. And so, with that said; here is my holiday decorating contribution this year. Happy Holidays!


2 comments on “Naturally Ornamental”

  1. you are right they do look like decorations….love it

  2. Thank you very much “Elaine”…! 😉

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