Wine Jugs

By: ilovethatsam

Nov 30 2012

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Category: Food and Drink, Random


Focal Length:90mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K-x

Touring a cemetery I hadn’t visited before, I was curious to see what may be lying alongside the perimeter fencing. As I slowly walked the edging, my eye was instantly attracted to beams of light that would hit me just right in the eyes. What was firing out to me were the reflections of the sun shooting off of the glass bottles that lay dormant in the underbrush.

Dozens and dozens of these bottles lay strewn amongst yards of land on the opposite side of this bordering chainrail enclosure. I thought and wondered as I was looking for the perfect placement of wasted beauty what kind of life these containers had before being disposed of in such a way. My mind went spontaneously to the image of a poor old gentleman just drinking his sorrows away.

Regardless of their history, I was pleased to have seen them and to have the opportunity to make them into a photographic gem.


2 comments on “Wine Jugs”

  1. your camera and eye seem to have immortalized whatever sadness or sorry came from the bearer of the bottles…good job

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